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PALMS™ 3PL comes in two flavors, namely – PALMS™ 3PL Standard - for regular 3PL operations and PALMS™ 3PL Enterprise - for large and complex 3PL operations.

Some of the unique features of PALMS™ 3PL are:

  • Multiple Principal Creation
  • Principal-wise Space Allocation
  • Order Management
  • Principal Portal
  • Multiple Warehouse Creation
  • Principal-wise SKU Setup
  • Location Management and Optimization
  • 3PL Billing




PALMS™ for company owned warehousing activity comes in two flavors, namely – PALMS™ Standard - for regular warehousing operations and PALMS™ Enterprise - for large and complex warehousing operations.

Some of the unique features of PALMS™ are:

  • Batch Number and Manufacturing Date Tracking
  • Forecasting, Back Order Processing and ABC Analysis
  • Stock Year End Count and Cycle Count
  • Barcode, RFID and Voice Pick Ready
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Multiple Warehouse Setup
  • Receiving, Binning, Picking, Dispatch Order and Invoicing
  • Multiple UOM Handling



PALMS™ Cross Dock

PALMS™ Cross Dock helps Auto OEM companies to meet their JIT Obligations. Auto OEMs maintains inventory at 3PL Warehouse Locations, which are close to the Car Manufacturing Plant. Per Unit Invoice from Plant is done, so that any combination of SKUs can be delivered from 3PL Warehouses.

PALMS™ Cross Dock provides visibility for:

  • In Transit Stock
  • Stock at Cross Dock
  • Receipt at Cross Dock
  • Dispatches from Cross Dock



PALMS™ Partner Portal

PALMS™ Partner Portal helps extend certain PALM™ WMS functionality to Customers and Suppliers. PALMS™ Partner Portal can also be integrated with Customer or Supplier ERP System or any 3rd Party application.

The key features of PALMS™ Partner Portal are:

  • Supplier Customer Invoice Upload
  • Notifications
  • Barcode enablement at Supplier site
  • PO Schedule Download



PALMS™ Warehouse Control System

PALMS™ integrates with ASRS PLCs through its independent PALMS™ WCS - Warehouse Control System. The PALMS™ WCS acts as an interfacing bridge between the XML based web services protocol on PALMS™ and the typical binary protocol at the PLC end. PALMS™ provides elaborate functionality including Location Management, Location Suggestion for incoming pallets over conveyors, enforcing FIFO / FEFO allocation rules, routing dispatches to correct truck bays etc.



PALMS™ Barcode System

PALMS™ Barcode System integrates with any ERP like JDE, SAP etc. PALMS™ Barcode can be also extended to Suppliers for Barcode readiness at source. Some of the key features are:

  • Barcode Labeling for inwards stocks
  • Barcode QA Process
  • Barcode based Picking
  • IMU Barcode
  • Location Barcode
  • Barcode IMU loading/unloading process



PALMS™ Analytics

PALMS™ Analytics is powered by QlikView for warehouse location visualization and analytics.

PALMS™ Analytics helps companies improve their bottom line by providing information Dashboards depicting their KPI and KPA. This gives both, the management and employees, reliable insights to be able to take fast data driven decisions.



PALMS™ Logistics Platform

PALMS™ Logistics Platform is a solid framework for Logistics solution development, extension and integration with other systems (ERP, AS/RS etc.)

PALMS™ Analytics helps companies improve their bottom line by providing information Dashboards depicting their KPI and KPA. This gives both, the management and employees, reliable insights to be able to take fast data driven decisions.


  • PALMS™ Logistics Platform gives a head start to building supply chain solutions
  • The existing architecture and design allows developers to plug-in their extensions, algorithms and process flows to the core and build simple to complex applications
  • The SOA based integration framework offers a standard state of the art mechanism to hook up with other systems
  • The core functional elements provide an atomic, immutable way to perform the basic operations consistently and reliably every time
  • The GUI framework provides a rich, extensible UI approach that provides standardizes interface that ensures ease of use, and a reduced learning curve




PALMS™ Light Systems

PALMS™ Put-to-Light and PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems are seamlessly integrated with PALMS™ Warehouse Management System.

Advantages of using PALMS™ Put-to-Light and PALMS™ Pick-to-Light Systems are:


  • High Visibility of Storage Location
  • Integrated Pick and Put Away Confirmation
  • SKUs Handling Time reduced by 30% to 50%
  • Man-Power Cost Reduction by 30% to 58%
  • Simultaneous Operations capability increases upto 5 times
  • Auto-ID enabled counting mechanism increases accuracy to 99.95%
  • Hourly SKU handling capacity increase by 25% to 50%
  • Automatics Updation to PALMS™ WMS or any other ERP
  • Unlimited number of SKUs handling
  • Three levels of Quality check to eliminate pick and put errors
  • Customizable Work Flow


Functions like Sorting, Cross Docking, Put Away and Picking can be simultaneously handled using PALMS™ WMS and Light Systems. Picking rules such as Serial Number, Batch Number, Location Flush, FIFO and FEFO can be enforced.

Technoforte is a one-stop-shop for Light System automation hardware, conveyors, software, installation, integration, training and support.

Suitable for:


  • eCommerce Business
  • Distribution Business
  • Apparels Business
  • Food and Beverage




PALMS™ Agriculture and Cold Store Management System

PALMS™ Agriculture and Cold Store Management System is specifically built to meet the needs of the Agricultural and Cold Store Industry. Unique features of the system are:


  • Process automation for Ambient and Frozen Warehouse environments
  • Farmers and Agents Advance Booking Management
  • Statutory Details Management
    • Aadhar Card
    • Individual or Company Details
    • Panchayat Certificate etc.
  • Rent Calculation and Collection
  • Gate Pass Entry and Exit Management
  • Unique Lot Number Management
  • Weigh Bridge Information Management
  • Good Receipt Management and Confirmation
  • Bond Issue and Loan Management
  • Auto ID and HHT based Put Away
  • Goods Picking and Dispatch Management
  • Truck Number, Driver and Labour Information Capturing


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